HERE THEY ARE! 😉Our bake your own THICKK COOKIE KITS. - we asked you guys and we definitely delivered. We’re always thinking of new, innovative and creative ways to showcase our ranges and what better time to launch these in lockdown! We are so excited to announce that these bake your own thickk’ kits come in a range of flavours, including:* salted caramel pretzel* OG choc chip* white choc* rocky road* fairy sprinkles* oreo. Our kits will also come with instruction kits to know exactly how we get ours to look and taste amazing, perfect for the kids in lockdown or maybe even the adults 😉🙊 (we know how much you love them!). Thanks for all your loving on the best THICKK cookies in Western Sydney, in particular the Hawkesbury. ♥️


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