NEW RELEASE ALERT 🚨 Literally Gorgeousssss

We all know without a doubt that these super cute heart shaped cakes with piping are super on trend at the moment! So we decided to make a COOKIE CAKE VERSION, yep! This cake, is a cookie and weights 800 grams 🤭

We love how simple yet cute these are, like imagine receiving one of those for your birthday, the cutest! Completely customisable coloured piping too, make it as girly as you like 🙌🏽

Cookie Cakes are NOW available on the website to purchase and feed approximately 4-6 people (if shared lol) ✨ please note writing on all cookie cakes apart from this weekends market will be from a stencil, and made from coloured chocolate. We’re just waiting for our supplier to hurry up and deliver! (Hurry pls Mr Postman!)

Some wording ideas we’re loving (but the world is your oyster, you tell us what you want!) are:

⚡️ Aries Baby

💫 Bday Bi*ch

✨Gemini Szn

Cannot wait for you guys to get your hands on this new release, we are so happy with the idea and concept!

Piped Cookie Cake